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AC Prato 1908


Update every Monday

Since 2001, StadiaPostcards has, every Monday, published a complete report of all matches in Italian Football Serie A, B and C! And an archive that start with Serie A 1963/1964! You can easy reach our facebook group and also instagram!

StadiaPostcards is also the meeting point of collectors of stadium postcards. Since 1990, I have enjoyed this fantastic hobby of collecting stadiums postcards! It all started when I received 2 postcards of Torino - one each of the new Delle Alpi and the old Comunale stadiums - and I thought to myself : "Fantastic Hobby!"

Online, you can view a selection of my best postcards in both black & white and colour formats. Of course... interested in sell or swap anytime! Click on my store!

Enjoy StadiaPostcards! If you need information about a stadium postcard ... don't hesitate to contact me!


Rugby Six Nations Tours  & Rugby World Cup 2015 : Ita - Fra

London 07 Dublin 08 Edinburgh 09 Cardiff 10 London 11 Paris 12  / Online dal 4 Dicembre 2001



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